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09 Apr

Fix 0xd00000e5, 0x8007139f, 0x80090030 PIN errors on Windows 10

The PIN feature on Windows 10 is a speedy method to log in yourself to your PC. But, it is still a bit slower than biometric logins such as Fingerprint and Iris scanning that come under Windows Hello. However, just like any other module of applications, it is prone to mistakes. Errors like 0xd00000e5, 0x8007139f, 0x80090030 for Windows 10 log in PIN are one such errors. They are sometimes caused at distinct points in time such as when creating or altering a PIN or while logging in to your PC. In this article, microsoft support phone number experts will guide you how to eliminate these error codes.

Repair 0xd00000e5, 0x8007139f, 0x80090030 PIN mistakes

Our following hints will help you mend error codes 0xd00000e5, 0x8007139f and 0x80090030 to get PIN on Windows 10:

1] Empty contents of NGC Folder

Eliminate and Adjust the PIN or the Password.

As per Microsoft helpline number you can Reset ACLs on Ngc folder.

2] Use System File Checker and DISM

Once done, just permanently delete all the contents of that folder and reboot your computer normally.

The App Data folder might be hidden so you may need to show hidden files & folders.

First, boot Windows 10 to Safe Mode.

You Want to delete all of the contents of the NGC Folder -- for that you will need to take ownership of the particular folder first-

Once done, simply permanently delete all of the contents of that folder and reboot your computer generally.

The App Data folder may be hidden so that you may want to show hidden files & folders.

Hit the WINKEY + R button combination to launch the Run utility, form in gpedit.msc and hit Enter. Once Group Policy Editor opens, browse to the following setting-Now, on the Ideal side and double click turn on advantage PIN Sign-in and place the radio button on Enabled for it.

Microsoft customer service number will turn to the Logins with PIN. Setting the radio as Disabled or Not Configured can turn off the Logins using PIN if not able .

Exit the Group Policy Editor then reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.

3] Eliminate and Adjust the PIN or the Password

Perhaps there might be some conflicting problems together with the PIN or the Password you've set to your User Account of your PC if not able to login then contact our experts of Microsoft technical support number. So removing or changing the PIN or the Password that you utilize, can correct this error.

The steps to follow are:

Eliminate the PIN

Restart PC

Establish new PIN

Restart PC and watch.

In the event you confront issues after changing the PIN, boot Windows 10 at Safe Mode then try.

4] Run Control Prompt as Administrator and perform the next command:

It will either begin checking for errors and fix them. Else it

5] Use System File Checker and DISM

Run CMD as Administrator and then execute the following command to run System File Checker:

Restart your system after the scan is finished.

You might even use our freeware Fix Win to Run the System File Checker utility with a click.

Now, in order to fix Windows Update files with DISM, open Command Prompt (Admin) and then enter the following three commands and one by one and hit Enter:

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